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About Samaja Samparka Vedike

“Samaja Samparka Vedike” was established on 14.01.1988 with the aim of promoting the development of the rural community by the employees A,B,C Group of the Central and State Government. Established under the leadership of Shri Adichunchanagiri Matha – Bhairavaikya Sri Sri Sri Dr ||Bal Gangadharanath Swamiji, the Association has led many progressive activities.

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The Matrimonial Platform (Marriage Information Center) has been established to serve the children and parents of the society through the platform, and the center has been doing great work. A total of 33,541 interested people have registered their names for 17,043 brides and 16,498 grooms. Out of those, 30,092 people have been able to get their matching partners.

We have started a system of providing scholarships for talented poor students. Around 605 scholarships are awarded to 605 poor students. Every year, talented students are honored as well. So far, around 1350 students as well as 105 distinguished personalities in various fields of society have been recognized by the Association.

The four-storied 66-room building is being constructed at a cost of about Rs.4 crores at Uttarahalli Main Road, Bharat Nirman Co-Operative Society Layout (belonging to Turrehalli). Inaugurated in 2018, the Lady Student Hostel will benefit 200 poor female students from rural communities, enabling them to pursue higher education and develop economically and socially.

So far, 21 training workshops have been organized by the Association for aspirants who are preparing for the IAS, KAS and Banking sector related examinations.

The medical facilities that are available for city dwellers are being tried to reached out to the rural community as well from the Association. For this purpose, we are organizing Medical Health-Checkup camps from specialist doctors in remote villages. Around 23 medical camps are organized so far at various places and the needed medications are also provided free of cost.

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