-: Objectives of the Association :-

1)         Training for candidates aspiring for independent examinations conducted by Central and State Governments, Local Service Commissions, Banks and other institutions.

2)         Opening the Employment Information Center

3)         Establishment of educational, social and cultural centers.

4)        Establishment of Vidyanidhi to help talented poor students.

5)         Providing free medical check-up and treatment for people in rural areas.

6)        Establishment of Marriage Information Center (Matrimonial Platform)

7)         Establishment of Old-age homes and Orphanages.

8)         Encouraging members and their family members to reflect on the talents of social, educational and cultural sports.

9)        Establishment of Family Welfare Fund.

10)       Identify and recognize those who have served with excellence in various fields.

11)        Introducing government service rules and training for members and employees.

12)       Free legal aid to members.

13)       To form a Trust in order to accomplish the objectives of the Association.